November Artist of the Month: Irma Weckman

1.11.2023 - 30.11.2023

“As an artist from Espoo, I have a long and varied experience of working both in Finland and internationally.

I have mainly profiled myself as a ceramic artist and in my work I have used different materials equally, from stoneware to red clay, and I have worked combining several techniques. I have also created works that are located in the middle ground between ceramic art and visual art.

The most significant content of my artistic work is made up of ceramic spatial artworks. In fragile and partly broken artworks, I have studied the essence of clay and thereby also the transience of everything.

Working as a visual artist has gone hand in hand with ceramic art. I have also used different techniques and materials in visual art. In addition to oil and acrylic work, I have done color pigment paintings and pastel works. Experimentally, I have also made paper collage works and couple of them are now displayed in the artist of the month wall at Espoo Artotheque. The works on the artist of the month wall are white relief works made with mixed media, in which light and shadows play a significant role. I aim for winter moods in these works.”

Irma Weckman

Artist’s works at Espoo Artotheque


Abstract and monochromatic snow-like mixed media paper collage.

Irma Weckman, Idästä tuulee, 2023, mixed media, 50 x 50 cm