Lokakuun kuukauden taiteilija: Noora Ylipieti

1.10.2021 - 31.10.2021

Professional introduction,

Noora Ylipieti produces wildly imaginative paintings rich in bright
colours, grainy textures, outlandish narratives and fine playfulness. Her
spontaneous pictorial enthusiasm and graceful graphic simplicity add to
each painting a mixture of distinctive innocence, fictitious aesthetic
naivety and deliberate childlike expressionism.

Ylipieti paintings feature eerie settings inhabited by foolish and
phantasmagoric characters, her mysterious subject matters seem to connect
her compositions toward the uncanny effect. In her staggering
arrangements, however, all is not always cheerfully, her creatures appear
either tormented, joyful, vulnerable or jubilant, their capricious silhouettes
appear compelling and dreamlike as they submerge into sumptuous

Through her orgiastic paintings, resulting of energetic and disparate
pictorial techniques, she explores many of her concerns and sources of
inspiration, such as her devotion and connection with nature, a strange
sense of beauty and the quest for finding extended possibilities and the true
substance of painting.

Ylipieti has accomplished a fondness for remixing a very personal visual
rhetoric. Her large scale canvases foreground obsessions with the
metamorphosis of living organisms: humans and mutants, plants and trees,
chimerical zoology and queer landscapes. Her most exciting and positive
achievements relies on the vitality to manifest a vivid sense of visual
invention, storytelling wit -but also an urgent discomfort- all together
mixed in canvases, as cauldrons, produce multiple and often exuberant
layers of meaning, narratives and allegories.

Teksti: Ramiro Camelo

Noora Ylipieti CV, ansioluettelo

Teoskuva: Noora Ylipieti, Goodbye Control, 170×120 cm, akryyli ja öljy kankaalle, 2021