June Artist of the Month: Aulis Harmaala

1.6.2023 - 30.6.2023

I have built some butterfly wings out of wasp nests, paper and cardboard some years ago. They have a harness so you can put them on. Unfortunately the butterfly wings cannot be put on at Espoo Artotheque, because them tend to be quite fragile.

In myths, the butterfly’s metamorphosis is a metaphor for the possibility of change. On the other hand, the butterfly is often associated with fragility, lightness and living in the moment. In June, photographs and installations related to the butterfly theme will also be displayed in Galleria K which is run by Vantaa Artists’ Association in Tikkurila.

In recent years, visual artist Aulis Harmaala’s works have been oil paintings, photographs and installations. The themes of the exhibitions often include experiences related to personal life and societal issues. Aulis Harmaala was born in 1966 and currently lives in Espoo. He graduated from Aalto University in 2011 with a master’s degree in art.

Artwork above: Aulis Harmaala, Muodonmuutos (Metamorphosis), 2010, wasp nest, wax on paper and cardboard, harness is made of linen fabric, 50 x 73 cm

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Aulis Harmaala's artwork called Ritariperhonen which translates into Swallowtail Butterfly.

Artwork: Aulis Harmaala – Ritariperhonen (Swallowtail Butterfly), wax, wasp nest, pigment and cat’s whiskers on flax paper, 25 x 37 cm, 2023